South East Cambridgeshire and the Climate Emergency

Climate Change Will Shape the Future of South East Cambridgeshire

Pippa Heylings discussing the Climate Emergency

South-East Cambridgeshire is highly vulnerable to climate change – in fact, one of the most vulnerable areas in the whole UK. Studies for the East of England project that:

  • Temperatures will increase by 4°C with severe droughts 3 times more likely to occur.
  • Rainfall will be 60% less in summer and 30% more in winter, concentrated in intense storms.
  • Water supply will shrink to barely half of the projected demand.
  • The drought-flood combination will degrade large areas of Grade 1 agricultural land in Cambridgeshire and damage buildings and infrastructure.
  • Tens of thousands of homes will face increased risk of flooding.
  • Woodland, wetlands and wildlife will suffer from heat, drought and new, invasive pests.


As your Liberal Democrat MP, PIPPA HEYLINGS will work immediately to avoid these dire impacts and to ensure that South-East Cambridgeshire can maintain thriving farms and businesses, minimise waste, produce renewable energy, insulate homes, expand wildlife habitat, balance water supply and demand, and transform our dismal public transport services.

The LibDem manifesto,, sets out a comprehensive programme across all these areas and more. Pippa herself has the ­expertise and passion to do this and a long track record of:

  • Developing policies and taking action to reduce carbon emissions, from local to international levels.
  • Bringing government, farmers and scientists together to increase landscape resilience and prevent loss of soil, pollinators, productivity and wildlife.
  • Protecting and restoring nature, from parish Local Green Spaces to iconic national parks.

She is the leader on climate and environment for South Cambridgeshire District Council. She has worked internationally with the major UK-funded Climate and Development Knowledge Network. And she has been endorsed by Sir Bob Watson, Britain’s foremost climate and biodiversity policy expert, in this video recording: 

Sir Bob has also said, “[Pippa] understands that […] biodiversity and climate change are not simply environmental issues, they are economic issues, they’re development issues,  they’re social issues. … She uses evidence to make sound decisions. They will affect our agriculture, our water resources, our livelihoods, our jobs.  She will represent you extremely well. She certainly has my support.”

By contrast, Lucy Frazer is a London lawyer with negligible knowledge of climate change issues and a dismal voting record on environment. An independent review of voting patterns on key climate-related votes Lucy Frazer scored ZERO! On the 6 issues since her election in 2015 she has voted AGAINST climate-friendly action every time. On taxes and subsidies for energy from renewable sources, decarbonising the UK’s electricity supply, increasing taxes on high-emissions vehicles… every time she voted the wrong way.

The Tories are huffing and puffing about climate but it’s all hot air – their actions speak louder than their words. Since 2015 they have:

  • Removed the incentives for ordinary households to install solar panels.
  • Banned on-shore wind energy development.
  • Shut down the Green Investment Bank, which had been set up under the coalition government and was the biggest source of investment in the green economy.
  • Disbanded the Department for Energy and Climate Change.
  • Locked us into years of energy-inefficient housing by abandoning the Sustainable Code for Homes and failing to implement the previously agreed zero carbon home standards.
  • Invested relentlessly in roads rather than public transport. In their 2019 election manifesto the investment in roads is 100 TIMES the investment in public transport

The Tories are dangerously irresponsible on climate issues and their actions now will damage people’s lives for many, many generations to come. For anyone who cares about climate change, it is vital to oust Lucy Frazer and elect Pippa, a real climate champion.

Pippa will be an extraordinarily effective MP on climate change but she is much, much more than that!

  • Her mother was a nurse and her father a GP, Pippa HAS THE NHS IN HER BLOOD and will defend it passionately.
  • As a trained teacher, Pippa UNDERSTANDS EDUCATION and will work hard for well funded, inclusive, quality education for all.
  • As a pro-European, with years of experience in international cooperation, she will campaign to stop Brexit so that we can all focus on these huge social and environmental priorities – and put the Remain Bonus to use.
  • She is a professional in conflict resolution and consensus-building – and those are skills we surely need!

Please vote for Pippa! Help her to oust the Tory MP and become a champion for climate action in Parliament - and a campaigner for a fair society, for restoring public services and for stopping Brexit.

And you can do more!   Pippa urgently needs more volunteers to work on her election campaign, delivering leaflets, phoning voters, knocking on doors or doing clerical work. See how to volunteer.  You can also make a donation to Pippa’s crowd funding campaign or directly to her campaign account: South East Cambs Lib Dems, account 65633700, sort code 089299. 


Her experience, her enthusiasm, her dedication to making sure that we make the right decisions on biodiversity and climate change are exactly what is needed in a new Parliament.

Sir Bob Watson,
Former chair of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Former chair of the Inter-governmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
Blue Planet Prize-winner
United Nations “Champion of the Earth