Pippa's campaign against school cuts

I am launching my petition today to highlight the savage school cuts this heartless Conservative government has made on our children's future.

83% of our schools nationwide still lose out next year because of this Government's school cuts to funding. Despite promises to increase funding, the detail shows they are falling short. The latest funding announcement falls well short of settling the shortfall for every child. Crucially it fails to reverse the cuts schools have suffered since 2015.

As the crisis continues, we have the largest class sizes in the developed world. One in 8 secondary pupils are in classes with over 30 students. How can we expect children to learn and thrive in this environment? As a former teacher I am determined to ensure our schools in South East Cambridgeshire are fully funded. They should not have to make the difficult decision that Fulbourn Primary School did to close entirely for half a day a week.

If you agree with me, sign my petition and join me to demand better for our schools.

We are calling on the Secretary of State for Education and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to:

• Immediately reverse cuts to school budgets that have taken place since 2015

• Protect per pupil funding in real terms over the lifetime of this parliament

• Provide the additional funding needed to implement a school funding formula that increases funding for schools in Cambridgeshire without cutting funding per pupil for schools in any other part of the country, so that no school loses out.

Add your name to our petition here